Cogwheel Dogs

is a guitar / cello / vocals duo doing its utmost to sound nothing like a guitar / cello / vocals duo. Combining the energy of punk with an experimental attitude to sound and arrangement – but retaining a folk-like melodic backbone.

Based in Oxford, Cogwheel Dogs have been playing together since some time in 2005. Songs are recorded in a small attic, amidst a mess of wires, canvases, coat-hangers and cobwebs.

Reviews and press

Rebecca Mosley

spent her childhood in the tiny hamlet of Ribden – chiefly famed for its fairies. She is a practising artist (read her blog), and writes songs on subjects ranging from renegade sprouts of cress to thousand-armed dolls. She is driven by the omnipresent, nagging desire to encapsulate things.

Tom Parnell

likes well-arranged sequences of words – and well-arranged sequences of sounds. Tom writes instrumental arrangements that enwrap Rebecca's songs, and attempts from time to time to play cello as if it were not a cello at all.